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What is proposed?

Our proposals for Box Bush Farm include the following key elements, which are subject to change following the outcomes of this consultation:

  • 39 new homes, including a mix of 1 bed flats, and 2, 3 and 4 bedroom houses
  • 30% affordable homes, a proportion of which will be for rent and the remainder will be for shared ownership
  • Conversion of listed former agricultural buildings, including the main Box Bush Farmhouse and associated main barn
  • New ecology planting and open space to complement a proposed new walking and cycle link to join the Strawberry Line to North End Road
  • Financial contributions to local community infrastructure
The mix that we are proposing is as follows:
Open market
House type Quantity
1 bed flat 3
2 bed flat 1
2 bed house 6
3 bed house 15
4 bed house 2
Affordable homes
House type Quantity
1 bed flat 4
2 bed house 3
3 bed house 4
4 bed house 1

What is on the site at the moment?

The site currently contains derelict former agricultural buildings. Click on an image below to view a slideshow of existing site photos.

What will the layout of the site and new homes look like?

Houses will be a mix of 1, 2, 3 and 4 bed homes and particular attention has been given to ensure landscape impacts are minimal and that the setting of the grade II listed Boxbush Farm is enhanced. It is proposed to remove 20th century additions to the farmhouse to bring the building back to be more in line with its original form.

This includes significant renovation of the farmhouse to make it structurally sound and ensure its conversion to modern standards of accommodation. The farmhouse will be converted to 3 new homes, overlooking a sensitively designed courtyard space. The homes will include one 3 bed house and two 2 bed houses.

The barn to the west of the farmhouse will be restored and used for ancillary car parking, storage and workshop space for residents of the main farm house. Care has been taken to ensure that the unsympathetic render applied in the 20th Century will be removed and its façade brought back to stone.

Which existing buildings will be retained on site?

Grade II Box Bush Farmhouse

The development will include the renovation and conversion of the existing farmhouse building to create three dwellings. The subdivision of the property has been informed by a detailed assessment of the architectural and historic interest of the property, and carefully designed in order respect the heritage significance of this structure. This includes the removal of later unsympathetic additions and the restoration of the historic core of the building which has been previously been subject to fire damage.

The existing yard to the north of Box Bush Farmhouse will be retained and redesigned to form a defined courtyard complex associated with the farmhouse and the associated outbuilding to the north. This area will be read as having a separate character to the remainder of the development and will retain a rural ancillary character within the immediate vicinity of the Listed Buildings.

Substantial gardens will be retained to the rear (east) of the farmhouse, with these also providing a suitable degree of separation between the Listed Building and the remainder of the development in this location.

Curtilage Listed Outbuilding

The Curtilage Listed Outbuilding is to be restored and converted for use as car ports and bin storage for the Box Bush Farmhouse dwellings. The proposals will see the continued ancillary use of the building in relation to the farmhouse, whilst also resulting in an improvement to its current appearance. The outbuilding will also form a prominent part of the overall design intent of the courtyard complex.

We have included some plans for these buildings below, including elevations and floor plans (click on the images to enlarge).

Will there be enough car parking on site?

Car parking across the site has been proposed to ensure suitable levels of parking that are in excess of the minimum standards for parking as set out in North Somerset Council guidance.

Excluding visitor spaces, a total of 76 allocated parking spaces are proposed to be allocated to the various 1 bed apartments and 2-4 bed houses. A typical 3 bed house has 2 to 3 car parking spaces and 4 bed homes typically have 4 car parking spaces. This is designed to ensure that there is no additional demand for parking on nearby streets including North End Road.

Have drainage and ecology been considered?

Ecological surveys are ongoing at the site with bat, bird, dormouse, reptile, otter and water vole surveys completed prior to submission of the planning application.

Once the surveys have been completed then a comprehensive plan of ecological mitigation and compensation will be implemented to ensure that notable species and habitats persist following the development, and that new opportunities are created to enhance local biodiversity. This suite of recommendations would be likely to include bug hotels, bat and bird boxes, wildlife-friendly drainage, wildflower planting in retained grassland, maintenance of dark wildlife corridors along hedgerows and waterways, hedgehog passage through closed-board fencing, and the creation of a wildlife pond.

The proposals have been informed by the ecology surveys carried out to date and have adjusted to maintain the entire northern land parcel as an ecological offset area to accommodate these projected recommendations.

We propose to build a new drainage system on-site. Rain water flows from the site will have a controlled discharge into the Little River Waterway with storage provided within a below ground attenuation tank. Any flood water will be contained within the site.

The site is not at risk of fluvial flooding and is shown to be protected by tidal flood defences located approximately 3 km from the site.  There is no recent tidal breach modelling available for Yatton and, therefore, it is proposed that the ground levels for the site will be raised above the current undefended tidal flood level and therefore will remain free from tidal flooding. The undefended scenario is a worst-case scenario assuming there are no flood defences in place.   The Finished Floor Levels (FFL) of the new dwellings will be raised 300 mm above the ground levels.  Given the listed status of the building, the predetermined nature of the floor levels and head room associated with the converted barn, it is considered unachievable to raise the FFLs of all of the rooms within the barn conversion 300 mm above the design flood level, however all of the sleeping accommodation will be located at the first floor (i.e. above the undefended tidal flood level).

How has road safety and access been considered?

Traffic surveys were undertaken on North End in September 2019 to record existing traffic flows and speeds.

Access to the site will be provided via a new priority controlled tee-junction with North End.  This is considered appropriate to accommodate the low level of trips that are forecast to be generated by the proposed development.

The access is proposed to be six metres wide, with eight metre corner radii and two metre wide footways on both sides.  This will provide access for pedestrians and cyclists.  It will also be suitable to provide access for larger vehicles such as those used for refuse collection and allow two cars to pass each other.  The site access will also be provided with visibility splays appropriate for the speed restriction. 

Will the development be accessible by sustainable modes of travel?

The area is considered to have a reasonable level of accessibility. The site is located approximately two kilometres to the northwest of the centre of Yatton.

Facilities within Yatton include Yatton Railway Station, a Co-op food store, other local shops, a village hall, a library and Children's Centre, a chemist, several places of worship and several public houses. In addition, a new primary school will be provided within the adjacent Arnold's Way development. Two bus services pass the site with the closest bus stops located to the immediate northwest of the site on North End adjacent to The Bridge Inn.

It is considered that the existing facilities are appropriate to accommodate the needs of future residents.

Footways are generally present throughout the village on at least one side of the carriageway and within the vicinity of Yatton village most roads are illuminated. It is proposed to provide new pedestrian crossing facilities to the north and south of the proposed site access junction. The southern crossing will allow pedestrians originating from the proposed development to safely connect with existing footways to the village centre. The northern crossing will facilitate safe access the Strawberry Lane via the new footpath / cyclepath through the development site.

How does the proposal comply with local planning policies?

Strongvox Homes has undertaken consultation with North Somerset Council ahead of putting this proposal together. This proposal will deliver 30% new affordable homes, making a significant contribution to local unmet need. Strongvox intends to consult with Yatton Parish Council and North Somerset Council on the precise mechanisms to ensure local people from the town are given priority.

Will the development be sustainable?

In addition to the proposed ecology and drainage improvements, as well as the proposed conversion of existing listed former agricultural buildings, Strongvox Homes is committed to building new homes that are insulated to modern standards, thereby reducing energy consumption. All homes will be built to up to date building standards and on the principle of 'Fabric First' whereby the need for heating and cooling is kept to an absolute minimum. Furthermore, the scheme will incorporate solar electrical generation in line with North Somerset Council’s policy to promote the use of renewable energy generation on site.

How can I find out more?

Click on the map below to take a look at the proposed site plan, including key features of what is proposed.